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Allan Masri
4200 SW 107th Ave. Apt. 1303  Beaverton, OR 97005
cell: (202) 421-5202
Blog: http://masrizone.blogspot.com

I am seeking a position as a writer and/or editor. Both UCSC and George Washington University have links to my blog or posts from it. I believe my expertise in legal studies and computer engineering should be helpful to your site.

The George Washington University, College of Professional Studies, Washington, DC Master’s in Professional Studies, Paralegal Studies (May 2012) GPA: 3.92 Coursework: Litigation, Legal Research & Writing, Contracts and Corporations, Intellectual Property, International Law, Administrative Law.
Master’s Thesis: Asbestos and the Law. Legal history of Asbestos industry and litigation from 1950-2012. Available online at http://masrizone.blogspot.com/2012/04/asbestos-and-law.html
California State University, Stanislaus, Turlock, CA Graduate studies in History Department GPA: 4.0 Coursework: American History, European History, African History, History of Technology, California History Senior Thesis: Constitutional John. Biography of State Senator and 1914 California Gubernatorial candidate John Curtin. Honors: President's Fellowship
University of California, College of Arts and Sciences, Berkeley CA Degree: BA Classical Languages, June 1970 GPA: 3.2 Coursework: Greek (3 years), Latin (4 years), French (2 years) Honors: Dean's List, Undergraduate Fellowship
De Anza College, Cupertino CA GPA: 3.75 Coursework: Data Structures, Calculus, Analytic Geometry, Unix
Presidential Management Fellowship semi-finalist (2013) Outstanding Contribution to QCRM (Apple, 1995) President's Fellowship (CSU, Stanislaus, 1980) Undergraduate Fellowship (UC, Berkeley, 1968)
DC National Lawyers Guild
● Served as member of Board of Directors of (2013 to 2014).
● Prepared interrogatories for landmark DC gay common law marriage case (2014).
● Chaired DC NLG Criminal Justice Committee while working for prison reform in Viginia.
● Drafted two bills modeled after New York City bills to end racial profiling in the District of Columbia.
● Testified in favor of marijuana legalization bills before of DC Council (2013).
● Researched citations in Jewler v. Lawler. Washington DC.

Tenants and Workers United (Alexandria, VA)
● Helped organize tenants, primarily Spanish-speaking (in Alexandria, VA). Wrote articles and testified before Alexandria Planning Commission.

Golden Hills of California. Fresno: Valley Publishers. 1979.
Golden Hills of California Part II: The Northern Mines. Santa Cruz: Paper Vision Press. 1982.
Wrote blog posts on diverse subjects at http://masrizone.blogspot.com (2009-2016)
Wrote and researched articles for Reverb Press online magazine (June 2015-August 2015)
No Lawyers in Heaven (novel). Self-Published. September 2015.

Unpublished Works
Awake and Beyond. Collected poetry.
Bar Guide to the Costa Blanca. Novel. Stories of foreign lands and people. Primarily a fictionalized memoir.
Flowers and War. Novel. Historical novel set in Pre-Columbian America. Used research on Aztec civiliation and Nahuatl language.
The Divine Aretine. Full-length comedy set in Renaissance Rome. Based on the life and writings of Pietro Aretino and Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Language Study
Spanish. Traveled in Mexico and Spain. Studied and read. Translated over 50 articles into English. Completed 25 levels of Duolingo.com.
French. Traveled in France and Europe. Read French literature. Took two years of courses at the University of California.
Latin. Studied Latin in high shool and college for 10 years. Majored in Classical Languages at the University of California, Berkeley.
Ancient Greek. Studied ancient Greek for 3 years at University. Read Plato, Xenophon, Euripides, and other authors.
Other languages. Studied other languages for terms ranging from 3 months to a year. Languages studied include Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish.
Localization Engineer. Worked as localization engineer for 2 years at AOL. Localized Mozilla browser into Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.
Apple build engineer. Set up program builds to resolve problems at Genentech and elsewhere. Used Applescript.
Computer Programs Used
CafeTran 4.0.1. Full-featured, professional CAT program
OmegaT 1.0. Share-ware CAT program with limited functionality
Mozilla. Browser that uses XML technology to translate into other languages. Uses same technology as CafeTran and Trados. Mozilla is open-source so its features can be changed by programmers.
XML/XSL. XML is a markup language similar to HTML that is primarily used to transfer data between distinct programs. XSL is a program that can transpose one XML file into another file to be used for data transfer.
Perl. Perl is a scripting language that can be used to manipulate XML files, like XSL, but very much more powerful.
4DO. 4DO is a relational database that can be used as a standalone program or as a front end for full-featured database programs like Oracle.
SQL. SQL is a language that can build, populate, and search databases remotely. It can be used with Oracle, among others.
Unix and Unix Shell Scripts. These scripts can be used to communicate with remote databases. Unix has security features that make it superior to an operating system like ms-dos. Apple has used unix in all its recent operating systems.
Masrizone.blogspot.com. MasriZone is a blog that has been online since 2009. Its articles deal with art, politics, science and environmental issues, and investigative journalism. It has had 35,000 visits.
Quora.com. Contributed 350 answers that garnered 345,000 views since 2015.
Simpleflysoftware.com. http://tinyurl.com/kn267pc. [waybackmachine arhive] The website for a website design and implementation business that had several clients between 2006 and 2014.
EZWinners.com. http://tinyurl.com/moskjsz. [waybackmachine arhive] EZWinners was a database program that held over 100,000 records of horse races and used them to calculate probabilities for upcoming races. Designed the database and the algorithms and the frontend user interface.

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