About me

I'm a California native, but I've lived in Europe and Florida. I'm currently a resident of Virginia. I've published 2 books on the Mother Lode region of California and am about to publish my first work of fiction, There are no Lawyers in Heaven.

My wife, Holly, is the love of my life. She has recently published a picture/art book, Rikki's Wild Ride, available on Amazon. She loves birds and cats and fish. (That's me with Rikki on the right.) I went to school in Berkeley and managed to get an AB in Classical Languages from the University of California in 1970. Don't ask me how. It was touch and go for awhile.

Life has spun along smoothly since then. I have had about 20 jobs (not counting musical gigs) since then, and at least 3 separate careers: historian, musician, computer software engineer. I'm currently trying to jumpstart a career as a paralegal. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I'm writing this blog. I just put down anything that comes into my head. I like to concentrate on aspects of important issues that haven't occurred to other folks.


Richard Grambau said...

Allen, I enjoyed your perspective on the Ferguson incident. I think you are spot on. The whole thing stinks of bias and Brown was harassed. The tensions leading up to this case were the primary cause for the confrontation in the first place. What Brown did before this isn't a reason for being confronted in this manner. This group behavior from both the minority community and law enforcement should be addressed in some productive and peaceful way!

Allan Masri said...

Thank you, Richard. This post was a popular one.