Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thoughts on Fear, Living in the Future, and Being Personally Responsible for the End of the World

You know what?  It bothers me a WHOLE LOT when I repeatedly see people on Facebook and in the news accusing Bernie Sanders and his supporters of being terrible people because they (and I) will not agree to support Hillary. The accusations get uglier all the time.

But the thing is, the convention doesn't even HAPPEN until July. Contrary to what Clinton and Wasserman-Schultz and the media and ALL SORTS of other people are constantly telling us, we do not actually HAVE a candidate for the Democratic party, at the moment. Clinton IS ahead of Sanders... yes, I HAVE noticed. But despite all the shouting and name-calling and media pundit-ing... she HAS NOT WON. YET.

I keep thinking about this THING that's going on, and how everybody is ready to LEAP into the future, all the way to JULY, going, "What IF, what IF?" We humans are really terrible at living in the present moment, particularly Americans, I think. I know that I personally struggle with this all the time. I go "what if"... and then suddenly I'm imagining all sorts of terrible outcomes. And all the time I'm (physically) still in my pleasant apartment in Beaverton, OR, with my wonderful husband and two lovely cats. All IS well... only I'm not there to enjoy it. Instead, I'm off trying to figure out what's going to happen in the future, so I can maybe prepare for it... somehow.

It seems to me that Clinton's campaign, and the media, and the Democratic National Committee, and all the other powers-that-be that I don't know about behind the scenes... that they are all exploiting this very human tendency of ours to leap into the future. They make it seem like it's already happened, that Clinton has won, and now we've all got to stand together to defeat the fantastically, apocalyptically obnoxious threat that is Trump... and if we don't, it'll be "Hello, President Trump"... and THEN...!!!

Of COURSE, they want us to follow this train of thought. OF COURSE, they WANT us all to fall into line behind Clinton, and believe that the future of the free world depends on it. But the bottom line is this: UNTIL Clinton is actually elected as the Democratic candidate, all the trash-talk about how Clinton is our only hope, and how Sanders and his supporters are somehow terrible, for not supporting her...? Guess what-- that talk is PROPAGANDA. Its only purpose is to play on our fears, to make us despair... and to convince us that things are true, when they're NOT.

It's actually  similar to what the Germans did in World War II: they had a propagandist radio broadcaster known as Lord Haw Haw, whose job was to convince the Allies to give up. Good thing it didn't work!! Lord Haw Haw

I don't frankly know what I will do, IF Clinton wins. What I DO know, is that I don't appreciate being constantly threatened and badgered by the Clinton campaign, and the press, and Facebook posts, that I'd better roll on my back and start supporting her... or else Fascism will take over, and it will be ALL MY FAULT!!

How about if we try to keep the conversation to things that are currently happening, and out of that dangerous "what if" territory? There's certainly plenty to talk about, and plenty that needs to be done! But when I think too much about what the future might hold, the world suddenly seems too dark for me to want to continue in. I need to fight that kind of thinking... I think we ALL do.

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