Tuesday, November 11, 2014

States where it's hard for African Americans and Latinos to vote

Here are the states (red) and counties (blue) that formerly required preclearance under the Voting Rights Act. Notice these are among the same states that passed voter ID legislation that resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being denied the vote, including 600,000 in Texas alone.

During the Jim Crow era, these states had similar laws that were used to prevent African-Americans from voting. Favorites were a poll tax which was small enough for whites to pay but to much for A-As to afford; and a literacy test, which varied from a simple test for whites (such as reciting the alphabet) to a much more difficult test for A-As (such as reciting the Declaration of Independence)

Votes of African-Americans and Latinos will continue to be suppressed in these states so long as Republicans control Congress, which is likely to be a long time. Thank the US Supreme Court for this latest injustice due to their repeal of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder.

Since when do 5 unelected judges get to decide who becomes president (as in 2001) or who wins the Senate? Thus canceling out the votes of millions of American citizens.

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