Saturday, September 13, 2014

Response to Robert A. Hall

[This post is a response to this post]

To Robert A. Hall,

Thank you for your response. I am doubly grateful because you pointed out several inaccuracies in my original post. I always like to be as accurate as I possibly can.

I sympathize with your personal problems. I am 61 and have a grandson. I also love people who seem incapable of caring for themselves. Your problems are not unique.

My post was not written as a personal attack on you. It was written in response to the person who sent it to me, also a former marine. He was depressed and troubled by your opinions, which have been circling around the internet for some time now in the form of a chain mail. I know you are not responsible for that. Our creations go forth and live their own lives apart from our intentions.

You express some very harmful opinions in your original post. The result of these opinions will be to demoralize many people and prevent them from voting. Your post is being circulated by people who wish to influence the upcoming election by keeping people away from the polls. A strong example of this is the ad run against Senator Reid in Nevada which explicitly tells hispanics, in both the English and Spanish versions, that they should not vote in this election.

I have published your email as a blog post to ensure that your objections are registered. I do not consider any of my comments as lies, but rather inaccuracies that have now been corrected.

Your original post, however is laced with inaccuracies that can't be corrected because the email containing it has gone viral. You need to be more careful of what you say. You have a great deal of anger that you seem to direct without reason at Democrats, the poor, Muslims, and latinos.

You blame Democrats for the decline of the stockmarket, which you state began when they regained control of Congress. This coincidence of timing is no proof at all. You can't claim that something caused something else just because it followed after it in time. You are intelligent enough to know that many books and articles have been written explaining the financial meltdown. You are the only one I know of that blames the Democrat's electoral success for it. Although you are intelligent, others may not be. They may accept your opinion and act upon it.

You also claim that the press has been less critical of Obama than it was of Bush. This is nonsense. Fox News spends all day every day criticizing Obama, for everything from his haircut to the shoes he wears. There was no similar relentless attack on Bush at any time during his administration, as studies have shown.

You claim that you must be right because more people agree with you. Your blog has many more followers than mine. This is true. But you use spam to increase your readership, and you pander to the ignorance of your readers. I consider both of these techniques unethical and I would not use them.

Thanks again for your response.

Allan Masri

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