Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aniekan Udofia Energizes DC Walls

Aniekan works on his latest mural
I recently began taking a course in TV Production from DCTV, the public access TV station in Washington, DC. Our project is to make a short segment on Aniekan Udofia, a young American mural artist who grew up in Nigeria.

Aniekan has created numerous murals around town and other places in the country, such as New Orleans. This mural was commissioned for the City Dept. of Parks and Recreation at a public swimming pool near the Eastern Market.

Aniekan has a remarkable talent. He learned to make murals with aerosol paint by hanging out with taggers. He is largely self-taught, but he makes a formidable teacher.

Aniekan grew up in Nigeria but came to America to become a magazine illustrator. His illustrations are excellent, but he had to learn the craft from the criticism of magazine art directors. His murals, on the other hand, are world class.

Aniekan's web page is at

Our segment for DCTV will air sometime after the class is over in September.

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