Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chan Kapin and his son, Dash, review the original Star Wars movies

[Note: Chan is my son. Dash is his 4-year-old son. Both are brilliant.]

We showed Dash Star Wars.  I think he liked it.  He laughed every time Chewbacca was on-screen.  I hadn't seen it in a while, and not since I watched the garbage new movies.  I was impressed with Carrie Fisher more than I ever remember.  She was ballsy, takes action, has good one-liners and bosses people around.  She puts Queen Amidala to shame.  

What's remarkable is how the movie is bursting with ideas.  George Lucas threw in the kitchen sink with all the crazy aliens in the background, oddball moments and really well-directed action scenes.  It's shocking at how he forgot everything for the prequel movies.  

It's a little less shocking how George didn't watch the original when he was writing the new movies because the plots spun off from this one are terrible and there is no way the events in those movies happened in the same storyline as this one.  All the talk about the force is inconsistent, and Obi-Wan doesn't think twice about training Luke in the force, even after the colossal failure he had by training Darth.  In the prequels there was lots of hemming and hawing about should he train Anikin, should he not for three movies.  Who gives a crap, let's get to lightsabering dudes.

Also why the hell is Vader subservient to any of these turkeys?  For some reason Peter Cushing is bossing him around and is in charge of the Death Star.  I call bogus as Darth has the force, has the authority, is the best pilot they have and is basically awesome at everything.  He'd step onto the Death Star, choke out Cushing in his sleep "the Commander must've had a heart attack in the night."  and Bang, he's the boss.  Also, in the prequels he's hand-picked and is a special protege of the Emperor.  Darth doesn't take orders from anyone.

As you said, 25 year old Lucas is effortlessly creative, like a 7 year old, and 55 year old Lucas is out of ideas.  Everything is forced.

It's also humorous how even as a younger guy Harrison Ford runs like Groucho Marx.

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