Sunday, October 24, 2010

Robert A. Hall Responds

I received this email in response to this post.--Allan

I am the Robert A. Hall that you posted this string of lies about. Let me address them.

First, you are correct that I am not the Robert D. Hall whose pictures and name some idiot added to my piece “I’m Tired” as it went around the net since February of 2009. I assume it wasn’t done with malice, but because the person assumed there could only be one Robert Hall in the world. I am not responsible for the lies other people tell on the web, as you have.

If you look at the original post on my website, you will see that the actor’s picture and name are not there:

I’m Tired

I didn’t retire from the Marines. I served four years in the regulars and later another six in the reserves. I was not a Lt. and will never receive a penny in retirement from that service.

I do not receive a penny in retirement from my ten years in the Massachusetts senate. I had a small amount in the retirement fund, which I used as a down payment on a home costing about $45k.

I do not collect social security yet and am not on Medicare yet. I have paid into these systems all my life, but have yet to get a penny back. I may die before I do.

I have worked for associations in the private sector for the last 29 years. I am supporting two households, my wife and I in a small condo her in the Chicago area and my druggie step daughter, who is 35 and never worked full time, in a condo in Wisconsin, though she steals from us. I support her because she has a daughter, ten, who we love dearly, who would go on the street if we evicted her. The step-daughter is, of course, a fervent Obama supporter, as she hopes to live off the taxpayers after I can no longer work.

I do have an IRA, but it’s not enough for me to retire and meet these financial obligations, especially as it’s down so much since the Democrats took control of Congress four years ago. I’m not sure how much longer I can work, as I have pulmonary fibrosis, a terminal illness that kills more people every year than breast cancer, but gets very few research dollars, as it’s not a political disease. I’m on oxygen, but still working full time.

I’ve also published three books, but not made a penny on them, either. The one that is selling well, Chaos for Breakfast, directs the royalties to charity.

You’ll note that my blog has my full name and 950 followers (, while yours has one follower and no name. So who is the honest person here? Looking at the lies you’ve told about me, I think people will know.

Other pieces that your readers might be interested in are below.

Robert A. Hall, Med, CAE
Des Plaines, IL

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Anonymous said...

A common error people make when judging political and economic events, is identified by the latin phrase "post hoc, propter hoc", which translates as "after this, therefor because of this". This is a logical fallacy also commonly described as confusing correlation with causation. Blaming the decline in the value of stocks on the Democrats taking the congress in 2006 is a perfect example of this kind of stupidity. It is nearly as clueless and uninformed as the common FOX news talking point that a bunch of poor people nearly destroyed Wall St. and the global economy, sending the United States economy into freefall, because they had such advanced financial expertise that they were able to bamboozle a bunch of professional lenders into giving them loans for which they didn't qualify. They also managed to ensure that these very kind lenders suffered no risk of loss, and thus had no incentive to competently vet the loans, by arranging for them to be able to sell the loans immediately out the back door to mortgage bankers who packaged them into synthetic investment vehicles known as CDO's. This group of diabolical but impoverished economic geniuses rose up from their slums to force ratings agencies to rate these inferior quality investments as AAA. They also convinced insurance institutions to way over-extend themselves with 50 trillion dollars worth of credit default swaps to protect the enormous hedge funds and corporate investors that were pumping hundreds of billions of investment money into purchasing these CDOs. If that's not enough, this evil cabal of economic wizards from the ghetto hypnotized Allen Greenspan into pumping more cash into this financial bonanza at effectively 0 percent interest for over three years. To top it all off, they held hedge fund managers at gunpoint and forced them to call up the chairmen at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in whom they were heavily invested, demanding that they pad their portfolios with sub-prime based CDOs. And of course this conspiracy of pimps, whores, drug dealers and welfare queens were trained by ACORN and financed by the Democrats in congress so that they could con the poor naive and unsuspecting lenders like Countrywide into giving homebuyers sub-prime loans, even when they qualified for prime rate mortgages.

That's the true story, and any common-sense, god-fearing, tri-corner hat wearing, red blooded FOX viewer knows it well in all it's gory detail.

Mr. Hall makes another common error by overgeneralizing his experience with his daughter by assuming that all Obama supporters must be drug addicts that want to live off the taxpayers. Actually, in the West Texas area where I'm currently living I've met several meth-heads who live on welfare, medi-care, food stamps, and drug sales and were die hard McCain voters who love themselves some Jesus.

I'm very sorry Mr. Hall has problems with his daughter. I'm sure there was nothing about his parenting and conservative values that could have contributed to her unhappiness. It had to be that lazy good-for nothing angry black man in the White House and his know-nothing worshipful cult following that caused all her problems.

If you repeat even the most outrageous fallacies often enough, Mr. Hall, even you can believe they are true with absolute certainty.