Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Republican Party Must Go

President Obama has been avoiding the real fight he must take on if he is to guide this country out of the wilderness. He has been trying to propitiate the Republican Party. But the Republican Party is the creation of the wealthy class and only wants to perpetuate itself in power. A compromise with the Democratic Party, which represents everyone else, would be suicidal. The wealthy, as recent history shows, will stop at nothing to hold onto their power. They would even destroy the Union if they could only retain their fortunes.

Why do I say this? I look back at the last 8 years and see one long list of lies, crimes, and pandering to the wealthy. The plan of the Republican Party since Nixon has been to espouse any crack-brained minority that values its own rights over those of the country. First they absorbed the racist Dixiecrats, who maintained themselves in power by the crudest appeals to bigotry. Then they aligned themselves with fundamentalist Christians who condemn democracy and the will of the people in favor of divine guidance from their demagogic leaders. These they added to a coterie white males who are frightened of sharing power with women or other ethnic groups. Of course, they always had the holders of vast wealth and the unscrupulous who wanted to obtain wealth, no matter what the cost.

The Republicans did not care to build for the future, either of their party or of the country. In fact, many have been convinced by their religious leaders that there is no future in this world, only a fiery furnace, and they have done their best to turn the earth itself into a cinder to fulfill that prophecy. They have used every cynical trick and conniving lie conceived by the minds of men to seize power and maintain themselves in it. Their favorite tactic is "triangulation", where you take over another's argument and deny your opponent his rightful constituency. For example, the Republican Party contains many of the surviving white supremacists from the Old South, yet it claims the other party is using racist tactics, or, as they call it, "playing the race card". Their last president claimed, in his campaign, that he would heal the rifts of society; instead, he spent two terms ramming through the program of the Republican Party. When California asked for help from the federal government against price-gouging by Enron, the president said that California had made its own bed and must lie in it. By which he meant to say, California was the fiercest opponent to his election and had to pay the price.

The deceit and vengeance of the regime had but one goal (if you discount those who only sought to enrich themselves): To keep the majority of the population from exerting its will and acting in its own best interest.

Now that the majority has finally gained political power, will the Republican Party join them to form a united front against the enemies of fear, greed, and self-interest? Of course not. To do so would mean capitulating to the enemy. They will fight tooth and nail, with even greater fury than before, for their very survival is at stake. They care not whether they bring down the United States, so long as that keep their gold.

The United States will never be defeated by a foreign foe. It can only be destroyed from within by corruption, ignorance, and greed. That is why the Republican Party must go.

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